My 2 months life update in Dahab

This is the second month of staying in Dahab, and time passed quickly here. I felt like I would soon return to Turkey again though I do not miss Turkey during the winter season. The only thing I feel like missing out on is ski, which is impossible to do it here in Egypt.

My Daily life routine starts with waking up around 6:30. It is not by force; somehow, I naturally wake up every day at this hour. I would make myself a cup of coffee, sometimes a cup of smoothie to wake up. Without any delay, I would start working immediately, taking care of all the shipping, order organizing, and answering customers' inquiries. The time difference between Egypt and US totally works in my way. I would only see questions in the morning because most of my customers are from North America, enabling me to do all my work simultaneously instead of answering each message fragmentally during the day. By 9 am, or 10 am, my work for that day is usually done, then I have my day for free. I know a lot of people only wake up this hour or start working at this hour. I usually cook breakfast at home. Occasionally I would crave the croissant from the German Bakery.

After breakfast, it is my playtime, and I usually try to go windsurfing twice a week, two days for the workout, two days for diving, and one day to relax and do all the other chores. I think this is a good balance for me. After 2 months in the water, I slowly started to improve in everything I do with water. And it felt natural to be in the water.

Thursday is usually my grocery shopping day because a vegetable and fruit truck comes every Thursday. Yanan just brought me the ukulele from Israel, and I am looking forward to playing more. I also started to study Hebrew again. I wanted to read more but I have not got much reading done since I got here.

There is a cute cat who came with my flat in Dahab. She chose this flat before I moved here. She has been such a sweet company; as time goes by, I see how we connected better and that's quite something to experience.

Now is winter time and the sun goes down pretty early; by the time it is 5 pm, it is already completely dark. If I didn't meet friends that night,I would usually sleep early, sometimes even around eight. When I first got here two months ago, It felt totally like summer, but the weather has changed drastically in the past month.

I do miss living in a city once in a while where I can do some proper shopping, dress nice and do what cities offer. But overall, Dahab is the perfect place to be. If it is not the best city to stay in during the pandemic, it certainly is one of the best places to be in the world for the moment.

It has been so much joy since I arrived here.

This is the sunset from my balcony.

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