Why I decided to buy a property in Istanbul

After nearly 2 months of researching and learning about the market, I have finally decided about the apartment that I am going to buy. I learned that the hardest part is knowing what I truly want because having that clarity is about getting to know myself.

Growing up in a tiny and almost secluded village, I was too used to somewhat idealistic freedom and carefreeness. Growing up, Life was simple and unsophisticated. I was rooted but also felt rootless. Later, this pursuit of a familiar sense of freedom leads me to some of the wildest adventures in life, including living in different parts of the world, and crossing paths with very distinctive people, exploring uniquely different cultures. It started with an unconventional journey in Israel, a place that is so foreign, exotic, and problematic to most people in the world. It is in Israel that I found the familiar sense of freedom that I once had in my village when I was a child. I felt so comfortable that I stayed for 6 years. Until this pandemic made me realize that Israel is not my home because I could not return even though I held a valid visa at that time.

This event made me quickly realize the importance of having a home, a place that I can still go back to when terrible things happen in life. Sadly, I realized that China is no longer a good option for me given all the events that happened during the pandemic and also all the political changes. After evaluating my options and taking into consideration of all the important factors, I decided to set a base in Istanbul.

The idea of having a place in Turkey first occurred last year when I was living in Izmir. At that time, I was busy restarting my life and restoring my poor mental state. Financially, I was also on the verge of being broke. One day I contacted a local agent and they show me several properties. There was one I like and it is about 1 million Turkish lira at that time. The apartment is a gorgeous duplex, spacious, full of light, and facing the sea, however, I did not have the money at that time.

6 months later, I came back to Istanbul, I rented a place that is my best apartment so far, a 3-bedroom place in Moda, a very trendy neighborhood in Kadikoy. I remember 6 years ago I was sharing an apartment with my friend in Jaffa my room was about 12 sqm and I was about paying the same rent. I was perfectly happy by then, I was very satisfied with my little place in Jaffa and it seems that was all I needed.

Honestly speaking, for most of my life, I was wandering and experiencing without knowing where I am heading to. The village seems too small a place to return to. I always think I am so lost until I accept that being lost is my normalcy. I am always jealous of others who know what to do with their life, and who seem to have their life figured out. Many times, I felt like I am a floating leave, going where the flow carries me. Occasionally, I got caught up in some strong tides and currents that swirled me to the bottom of the ocean. After all the turmoils, It felt like the right time to have a home.

This year, I turned 33 and I am ready to be a homeowner. I know it is what I want for now. I love Istanbul as a city, its lifestyle, its flexibility, and its massiveness. It will be my home base for now. I learned that, in life, there is no point to rush sometimes as things run their own course. Some of my most important realizations in life come all of a sudden. I have never thought about buying an apartment and now I can't believe I am doing it. We don't reach a conclusion or find insight into life because we spend time thinking all the time, trying to find the answer, it is through living it, doing things, meeting people, and having difficult experiences.

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